claire-photoI am a science writer and tropical ecologist interested in the evolution, conservation, and restoration of tropical biodiversity.

My PhD research at the Edward Grey Institute, University of Oxford, examined the interplay between species ecology and geographical barriers in the diversification of Amazonian birds.

My postdoctoral research in the Neotropical Ecology Laboratory at McGill University, Montreal, investigated the relationship between tree species richness, species composition, and ecosystem function – particularly tree growth and carbon accumulation – using a long-term dataset from a native species experimental planted forest in Panama.

I am now a freelance environmental science writer regularly contributing to Mongabay, and a Conservation Associate at the conservation charity Elephant Family where I contribute to both their communications and conservation programmes. I recently completed an internship with the Conservation Leadership Programme. I have been involved with the tropical reforestation research network People and Reforestation in the Tropics (PARTNERS), as blog coordinator, and have worked as a volunteer consultant for non-profit community forestry and carbon offset organisation Taking Root, where I developed a guide to biodiversity monitoring in their Nicaraguan project sites.